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Suggest a Site: Instructions

DMOZ is a web directory of Internet resources. The directory is hierarchically arranged by subject - from broad to specific. DMOZ is maintained by community editors who evaluate sites for inclusion in the directory. They are our experts, and all submissions are subject to editor evaluation.

We care a great deal about the quality of the directory. We aren't a search engine and pride ourselves on being highly selective. We don't accept all sites, so please don't take it personally should a site not be accepted. Our goal is to make the directory as useful as possible for our users, not to have the directory include all (or even most) of the sites that could possibly be listed or serve as a promotional tool for the entities listed.

To keep DMOZ running smoothly and to assist us in exercising our editorial discretion, we have set up policies for submitting sites for our consideration. We may reject, delete, or edit submissions that violate these policies or that we otherwise believe, in our sole discretion, should not be included in the directory. We may also reject, delete, or block other sites that we believe to be associated with a user who has violated these policies.

Please follow the steps below for each site you would like to suggest.

Step One

Search the directory to make sure the site isn't already listed.

Step Two

Determine whether the site is appropriate for submission:

Step Three

Submit the site to the single, most relevant, category:

Note, a category without the icon is not accepting suggestions. In that case, please find a more specific category for the site.

After Submitting a Site

An editor will review your suggestion to determine whether to include it in the Directory. Depending on factors such as the volume of suggestions to the particular category, response time can vary dramatically. Please only suggest a site to the Directory once. Multiple suggestions of the same or related sites may result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all affiliated sites.

Updating a Site

If a site has been accepted for inclusion in the directory but you are dissatisfied with how the site is described or titled, you may go to the category where it is listed and flag the listing. Be polite and civil -- threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Getting Your Site Into Portals and Search Engines Using DMOZ Data

If your site has been accepted into the Directory, it may take anywhere from a week to several months for your site to be listed on partner sites which use the Directory data, such as AOL Search, Google, Yahoo Search, and others. We make updates of the data available weekly, but each partner has their own update schedule.

Editorial Discretion

Please recognize that making DMOZ a useful resource requires us to exercise broad editorial discretion in determining the content and structure of the directory. That discretion extends (but is not limited) to what sites to include, where in the directory sites are placed, whether and when to include more than one link to a site, when deep linking is appropriate, and the content of the title and description of the site. In addition, a site's placement in the directory is subject to change or deletion at any time at our sole discretion. You should not rely on any aspect of a site's inclusion in the directory. Please understand that an editor's exercise of discretion may not always treat all suggestions equally. You may not always agree with our choices, but we hope you recognize that we do our best to make fair and reasonable decisions.

The DMOZ team welcomes comments and feedback about the directory generally. Please let us know what you think, and how we can improve the service. Thanks!

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