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RDF Data

RDF dumps of the DMOZ database are available for download.

Note that these files can be quite large. Your browser may have difficulty downloading them: It may try and fail to uncompress or interpret them it for you. You can be reasonably confident that any downloading problem is not on this end.

Changes to the format of the RDF files are documented here.

For reference, refer to the Resource Description Framework (RDF) specification from W3C.

If you have questions about downloading the data, visit the FAQ in the help area, and the resources listed under Use of DMOZ Data.

Use of DMOZ data is subject to the terms of the DMOZ License.

All of the files that we provide are here. Previous editions are stored in the archives.

Some of the more common ones are listed below:

You may also be interested in data from these sites (not part of DMOZ; please contact them directly if you have comments or questions):