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The build process for DMOZ is managed by an AOL-developed tool called CMBuild.

Through CMBuild, there is end-to-end automation, resulting in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

Several CMBuild jobs have been set up to create the different components of DMOZ, such as the User Interface (UI) and Application Programming Interface (API).

DMOZ source code is stored across several Git repositories. Each CMBuild job specifies at least one Git repository and the branch (version) to check out.

When changes are pushed to Git, the corresponding jobs are automatically triggered. Each job compiles the newly updated source code and generates a uniquely versioned, installable package. A detailed build log is also emailed to DMOZ admins and AOL staff.

The packages are then automatically installed in the appropriate environment.

This allows for much quicker development than in the past, and better collaboration between DMOZ admins and AOL staff.